Citizenship by Investment Program Malta

The island nation of Malta is located in the southern Mediterranean Sea and is famous not least for the Order of Malta. The country consists of three inhabited and four uninhabited islands.

Malta was occupied by various peoples in past centuries and was only granted independence by the British, who had been running it as a colony since 1814, in 1964. In 2004, Malta became a member of the European Union and is its smallest full member country.

The Maltese economy is primarily focused on services, with the financial and trust industries being particularly well established sectors of strong international standing. This is facilitated by the more than 50 double taxation agreements that the country has entered into. Thanks to favorable legal conditions for shipping companies, the number of ships that sail the seas under the Maltese flag has increased significantly in recent decades. In 2014, Malta had the fourth largest merchant fleet in the world.

Citizenship by Investment in Malta

The Maltese Individual Investor Program came into operation at the start of 2014. Malta is the only EU country which offers an official Citizenship-by-Investment program. The Maltese program is limited to a total of 1,800 applicants and is designed in such a way that it not only generates foreign investment for the national fund but also integrates the new citizens into the country. Accordingly, the program is set up in such a way that citizenship applicants must initially hold a residence permit for a period of one year before they can submit the effective application for citizenship.

The Maltese passport permits holders to enter 166 countries without a visa and is therefore the most convenient passport of all Citizenship-by-Investment programs. A European Union passport enables holders to take up residence and work, subject to local reporting obligations, in every other EU country and Switzerland.


Key Facts

Minimum total costs:
EUR 1,100,000

Preparation of application:
2-3 months

Government processing time:
12-24 months

Visa free travel:
166 countries

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