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Till Neumann

Before working as an entrepreneur, Till Neumann headed the department responsible for Caribbean citizenship programs at an international consultancy operating in the field of Citizenship & Residence Planning in Zurich. His experience encompasses planning, consulting and handling citizenship applications and residency requests for investors in various countries. Till Neumann set up Citizen Lane in 2015 with a view to offering his clients bespoke services and personal advice, which goes beyond selling products. He was previously Executive for Structure Projects at Healy Hudson, a company based in Germany. In this role, he acted as project manager for the restructuring of the firm. Once the corporate reorganization had been completed, he made an internal transfer to Senior Account Manager in the Marketing department.

Besides his full time employment he studied at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration (HWZ), where he gained a BSc in Business Administration.

Till contributes articles for several publications if know-how or insights in matters of citizenship or residence planning is required.

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